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To provide a water service to all Columbine Lake Water District homeowners in a healthy, safe, continuous and economic manner.


Monday, July 18 @ 3PM
Monday, August 15 @ 3PM
Monday, September 19 @ 3PM

Three Lakes Water & Sanitation District Admin Building ~ 1111 CR 48, Grand Lake, CO
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United States: 1-800-866-4679
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Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

District Holidays
New Year's Day - January 2 Labor Day - September 4
President's Day - February 20 Veteran's Day - November 13
Memorial Day - May 29 Thanksgiving - November 22 & 23
Independence Day - July 4 Christmas - December 25 & 26



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What's Happening


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A public hearing will be conducted to receive public comment on a proposed increase in annual user fees paid effective January 01, 2024. The annual flat rate is proposed to increase $14.39 from $306.30 to $320.69, and the fixture rate is proposed to increase $1.08 from $23.11to $24.19 per fixture. The District must continue to proactively maintain, repair and replace the aging infrastructure.


If you plan to rebuild your home following the East Troublesome Fire, please click here for more information. For owners with a well please click here for more information from the Division of Water Resources. 


The Board of Directors adopted a 5% User Fee rate increase effective January 1, 2023.  Fees are as follows: $306.30 annual flat rate  and $23.11 fixture rate.

With regard to the delinquent fee presently charged by the district, the current $25.00 flat rate delinquent fee is minimal and is not discouraging late payment penalties.  Colorado State Statute allows up to 5% a month late fee on the principal up to a maximum of 25% of the initial billed amount.  Applying the maximum allowable amount of 5% per month will reduce the initial late fee cost for those less than 30 days late but will increase the late fees on accounts delinquent more than 30 days.  At the November board meeting, the Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, changed the method of delinquent fee assessment to A late fee of 5% of the assessment shall be charged on the unpaid balance, non-compoundable for five consecutive months, or part thereof, to any account whose assessment is not paid in full by March 31, or until paid in full, whichever is the earlier. 

Please note that the Emergency Fund Pool has been suspended for the 2023 year as we have reached our maximum fund amount. A $50 fee will be applied to your bill when it is reinstated.