A Little Bit of History

In February 1969, after a trip by Bill Isenhart and Carl Anderson to view the Columbine Lake property, which had been put up for sale by Howard Breckon, an investment group was formed called “Columbine Lake, a joint venture”, to purchase the property. On May 1 they closed on the property. The Plan for a recreational area was approved by the County shortly thereafter and a grand opening for Columbine Lake was held Memorial Day weekend, 1969. Lots began to sell and construction of the clubhouse and swimming pool began. There was even a guardhouse at the gate and prospective purchasers needed a gate pass to enter into the Subdivision.

Four homes were initially put in on Columbine Drive because there was a spring nearby and a temporary water line was installed to service the four homes and the clubhouse. Temporary septic tanks were also installed. In the fall of 1970 seven people voted to create Columbine Lake Water and Sanitation District, the water to be supplied by the Town of Grand Lake. Construction of water lines began in the fall of 1971 and homes were first supplied with water from the Town in October, 1972. In February 1973 the Town water storage tank went dry. Since the developers had purchased the water rights with the land, an augmentation plan to convert those water rights to domestic use was approved and Water Plant #1 was built near the clubhouse. In the summer of 1973 the water and sewer lines were installed by Thompson & Sons of Granby. Rich McNeely, who lived on Golf Course Road, was the first water plant operator.

In 1980 Columbine Lake Water & Sanitation District sold their sewer lines to Three Lakes Water & Sanitation District, and became a provider of water only. The District name was formally changed to Columbine Lake Water District in December, 1997.

In 1984 a 200,000 gallon water storage tank was built and Water Plant #2 was rebuilt. In 2005 the renovation of Water Plant #1 was completed, which included adding equipment for the removal of manganese from the water.

The Columbine Lake Water District now services 460 residents. The operation and maintenance of the water system as well as administrative duties are contracted out to Three Lakes Water & Sanitation District.    

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